Access Control Security Systems

Complete security systems comprise three circles of protection, physical locks, alarm sensors and video surveillance.Complete Security Systems

The most common is physical security with door locks. Access control security is adding electronic control to the door. Access control systems can accommodate multiple doors and buildings simultaneously.

Access control security systems comprise of credentials, readers, electronic locks and control panels.

Outdoor Pin, Proximity & Card Reader
Outdoor Pin, Proximity & Card Reader

A control panel connects to the internet and mobile application based software that has rules and credentials coded in by users. These rules include times, personal, door locations and more.

A credential consists of:

  • Pin Codes
  • HID Cards
  • RFID Key Fobs
  • Fingerprints and other Biometrics

A reader can be separate on integrated into the lock to accept a credential.

The credential goes through the reader back to the control panel software to verify rules are a match to trigger a yes or no access. A nonmatch keeps the door locked. A yes match sends a signal back to the electronic door lock mechanism for release.

Electric Strike
Electric Strike

The door lock hardware consists of electrified:

  • lever sets
  • mortise locks
  • exit devices
  • strikes
  • auto operators
  • keypad locks with a mechanical override
  • keyless locks

The door opens and then with a door closure, relocks securing the door for the next credential to be presented.

With compatible hardware, the access control system can integrate with residential and commercial smart alarm systems and video surveillance systems all under one platform for easy management.

We service and install security systems to integrate your access controlled doors, alarm sensors, and video cameras under one platform.

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Some Questions and Answers needed for estimates:

  • How many users?
  • How many doors?
  • Standalone or integrated with remote access?
  • Credential Type(s): pin code? HID Proximity card? Keyless Fob? Biometrics?
  • Existing door hardware? Lever set? Doorknob? Deadbolt? Doorknob? Exist device? Maglock?
  • Hollow metal frames or wood?
  • Schedules?
  • Audit Trails?

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