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Are you looking to get a quote or estimate for a basic rekey, lock replacement or lock installation?

There are two ways to get an estimate (a) call us at 541-632-3968 or go through the following guide quote guide and our shop. 

First Step: Rekey, Hardware replacment or Hardware Installation and/or a combination?

First are you looking to have you locks rekeyed, locks replaced or new locks installed? These are the three most common residential and commercial requests we receive. Here is each definition:

Locks Rekeyed – taking your existing lock hardware and changing the lock cylinder so the old keys no longer a new set of keys do. In counting your lock cylinders,  a lock cylinder is everywhere you key goes into the lock. Note, if you have multiple incompatible hardware on the same unit, the hardware will need to be replaced to match the keys. There are also different rates for when you have a working key and for when you do not for each lock cylinder.

Locks Replaced – replacing your existing hardware with new lock hardware and keying them to match. This assumes the door is already prepped correctly to accept the new hardware., i.e. there is an existing doorknob or deadbolt currently installed that has broken.

Locks Installed – adding new lock hardware to an existing door. The most common is adding a deadbolt. This assumes that we must drill and prep the door to accept the hardware.  We budget 30 minutes of general labor per hardware item door prep.

Commonly we see a combination of the above on each job.

Second Step: Count how many of each

Then add the quantity amount to the shopping cart of each item.

Note, a basic rekey comes with two new keys. Please add to the cart for each additional key after that.

Third Step: Adding a Service Call & Mileage

There are three types of service calls:

  • Scheduled Non Emergency
  • Day Emergency
  • After Hours Emergency
  • Mileage

Please select the one based on the descriptions that is most valued for you. The add the estimate amount of mileage outside the Eugene/Springfield area.

Fourth Step: Checkout

Then go checkout and you will see an estimate for your request. If you would like to proceed forward either call us at 541-632-3968 or continue to checkout and we will contact you to come out and do the work. Here is our shop.

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