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We offer full access control systems for buildings and complexes for doors, elevators and more.

We are an authorized Pro Data Key dealer, whom provides one of the best, simplest and easiest to use access control system on the market.

System Platform & Benefits
Pro Data Key is a remote scalable wireless mesh based access control system. The following are its key benefits:
  • Easy to use remote software – Watch Video (recommended to see features)
  • Mobile application access
  • 180 day automatic system backup on server
  • Lower per door installation costs
  • Lower long term maintenance cost
  • No software or licensing fees
  • Less disruptive installation
  • More durable against disruptions
  • Scalable – easy to add doors, gates, elevators & buildings
  • Multiple credential types available
  • Manufacturer lifetime warranty on door controllers
  • 5 year warranty on access control appliance

Basic Cost Structure

Their is a minimum two door system to make this worth while. The initial costs are about $2,500 to setup the main system, then $2,000 – $3,000 per door depending on the hardware.

If you would like us to survey and install an access control system on your building or complex call 541.632.3968.

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