Data on Card Access Control Systems

The Data on card system provides a comprehensive access control solution by combining traditional access control on key access points to update credentials and then the users credential used on the locks updated the locks at their locations for medium to large user base. This system is a middle ground of minimizing full online access points and upgrading just the locking hardware at the remaining access points.

Data on card systems are ideal for multi-family housing, apartments and mixed-use facilities. Where there is a common entrance for updating credentials when entering with many locks through the buildings.

Features Table

Key Features & FunctionsData on Card
User QuantityMedium to High
User UpdatesSpecific units, not all
Audit TrailsDelayed
Door Position SensorsNo
Lock DownsNo
Credential Options
Mechanical Keysx
Buttons / Key Pad
Proximity Cardsx
Site Needs
Local NetworkOptional

Data on Card System Pro’s

  • Credential holders become the network updating system as they use the facility during normal operation.
  • Access rights and audit trails are uploaded and downloaded when user enters building.
  • Eliminate hard wiring all access points on facility.
  • Low cost credentials for high quantity of users and user turn over.
  • Provides schedules and audit trails.

Data on Card System Con’s

  • Standalone locks use batteries with average life for two years.
  • Audit trails and schedule updates are delayed based on user interaction with connected reader vs standalone locks.
  • No door position sensors.
  • No lockdowns.

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