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Ever wonder how secure your home is? We can provide a home security inspection for you to show where you can make improvements. This typically takes a 30 minutes, but here are some of the basics with pictures:

– exterior doors should have a door knob/lever AND a deadbolt. Having a doorknob and deadbolt provide to points of security, via bolts & latches into the door frame. See door latching and credit car bypass below for why deadbolts are important.


– exterior doors with windows should have double sided deadbolts, to protect from window break ins

– windows should have a window lock


– sliding glass door should also have a bracket in the bottom or top in addition to the lock

If you want additional security you can add, latches, chains or bolts to the inside of each door. I would also recommend a dog or alarm system. Note, per fire regulations you always need one exterior door that can be exited from the inside without a key.

Door Latch Securing & Credit Card Bypass

Have you heard about opening doors with a credit card? Here is how it works. It only works if your latch and strike plate are installed and closed incorrectly. Here is a video expaling:

– Seeing how the security latch functions
– watching how it closes
– correct latching and security
– incorrect latching and bypass

Now you can test your own latches to make sure they are securing correctly. If they are not securing correctly and open to a credit card bypass we can come out and adjust your strike plate for the door latches correct.

Call us at 541.632.3968 to inspect your home or make adjustments on your doors to make them secure.

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