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Our safe services include but are not limited to:

Details about each service:

Safe Opening

Did you forget your combination? For some reason will your safe not open? No worries, we can get it open for you. Depending on whether your safe is old, you lost the combination, or there is a relocker fired we take different approaches to opening the safe. First off, there are two basic type of safe locks mechanical and electronic. If a mechanical lock is worn and you have the combination we can trouble shoot the safe for stuck fly or sliding wheel and possibly dial in the combination. If you do not have a combination, mechanical or electronic, then we need to drill the safe. We can drill into the majority of safes with a 3/16″ to 1/4″ hole and use scope to look inside and dial in the combination (mechanical) or short circuit or move the motor (electronic). There are also other approaches with drilling such as bypassing the lock bolt, boltwork, scoping the change key hole or various other methods. There is no reason to worry about drilling, because we repair the hole to the intial specification of better once we are finished. 90% of the time there is no reason to replace the locks. If the lock was damaged, too old and worn, we will need to replace the lock at cost. Note, when drilling electronic locks typically have to be replaced more than mechanical locks.

If you safe combination is work, and you feel the bolt retract, but the handle and bolt work does not retract you may have a fired re-locker. If you have a fired re-locker we can pinpoint it and drill in to move it out of the way to open the safe, then re-secure the re-locker.

Safe Lock and Bolt work Service

Is your lock starting to stick? Or starting not to work every time? Then you safe lock or bolt work may be getting worn. We can open the safe, disassemble the lock and bolt work, clean and re-lubricate the parts. This takes care of the problems the majority of the time. If it is a high use safe we recommend replacing the lock with a new one.


Electronic Locks – Low Battery

Does your lock not light up or beep anymore? We would recommend checking the battery and replacing it. The battery is typically underneath or inside the touch pad. Check the bottom of the touch pad for a slot or screw. Sometime you have to remove the whole touch pad to get to the battery.

Combination Change

Does someone have access to your safe that you no longer want yo have access? Then we can come out and change the combination. If you have the combination, changing the safe combination for mechanical locks takes about 30 minutes and for electronic locks less than 10 minutes.


Did you safe get damaged? Or do you need it fixed? We can repair your safes from burglary, worn out parts or just for refurbishing to look better.

A Comment about Sentry’s Safes

The most common consumer safe we see is a “Senty”. A Sentry is a fire resistant box, the majority of Senty safes do not qualify as a safe because they have very little burglary resistance.

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