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Do you have a high security key? A.K.A. laser keys, or sidewinder keys? Keep reading and we will help you find out and tell you what we know.High security keys were developed to restrict duplication, and becuase they are harder to pick and break. They also look cooler!

The easiest way to identify a high security key is that the cuts or grooves are on the face of the key versuse the edge of the key like you house key. See picture below.


Types of High Security Keys
There are five types of high security keys: 2 track internal, 2 track external, 4 track internal, 4 track external and tibbe. Below is a picture of a combination of the keys.high security key internal 4 track lexus


The important note is that we carry these keys in stock and we have the machines to cut the high security keys. These keys do require high security key machines that the majority of locksmiths do not have, but we do!

Tibbe Keys
Tibbey keys are used on Jaguar and Ford vehicles. They are another high security key that looks like the following below. We have the capabilities to cut these as well.tibbe key


Cons of High Security Keys
One of the negatives of high security keys are that the locks and wafers are more complex. They use split wafers and in combination with how the key is designed they wear each other out. The key blade and wafers wear together as they are used. Typically we start seeing significant ware 7-10 years of age. You will notice the wear when your key start having difficulty in entering the locks and turning. This occurs slowly and will become more frequent and severe. As soon as it starts occuring we recommend you come in to get you keys cut back to code and your locks rebuilt. Otherwise, a wafer will jam and you will be stranded one day.

If you have a high security key and would like a duplicate; or if you lost your keys to a high security vehicle, just call us at 541.632.3968. We will take care of you.

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