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Business Openings

Business openings are a simple and easy job for a locksmith to do. A business lockout typically takes less than 5 minutes for the majority of homes. It usual takes us longer write the receipt than open your house. 95% of the time there is no damage when opening a business. For about one out of every twenty unlocks we do have to drill out the lock. If we do have to drill out the lock we will replace the lock and secure your home before we leave. You will be charged for the replacement lock.

Door and Hardware Installation Services

We carry new grade 1 & 2 door knobs, levers, deadbolts, exit devices door closures and more. If you need a new piece of hardware or to replace an old one we can do it. We carry Schalge and General Lock brands in a silver 626 finsih. It typically takes about 30 minutes to install a new lock if the door is not prepped. If you have specific requirements or a large construction project we can special order any item for you. Click here for more information about hardware.

Master Key Sytem

Do you want employees and managers to have access to certain rooms and not others? Do you have an apartment complex? If so we would recommend a master key system. All systems are customized to the needs of the client and their system. Click here to learn more.

Key Control

Do you not want employees to make copies of your business keys? Then we would want to look at key control. 97% of all keys are “street key” that is they are available to purchase and cut by anyone. There are other restricted keys that are limited or even customized exactly for you, where there is not another same key blank in existence. As we go from street keys to restricted keys the price and security goes up. There are a variety of options to help figure out what best fits your needs.

Do Not Duplicate Keys

One semi key control method is “Do Not Duplicate” keys. This is a catch 22 because psycologically many people respect this, but there is not law or legal reason to stop anyone from duplicating the keys. This is an issue because the majority of “Do Not Duplicate” keys are stamped on street keys accessible to anyone.

Make Keys

Sometime you have lost your keys for an inner door our your outside door. We can open the door, dissemble it to make you a new key. We can make a key that did work your lock and/or we can rekey while we have it out to match a new key. We also have the capabilities to make extra spare keys on the spot.

Locks Changed

Need a new lock? Thats easy. We can change out the whole lock assembly for you in a matter of minutes. Note if the door is not have the standard 2-3/4″ backset prep there will be additional charges for modifing your door. Note having your locks changed is slightly different than rekeying your locks.

Rekeying Locks

Did you let an employee go? Or does somone have a key you no longer want to have access? We can change that. Re-keying your locks is a process where we dissemble your current locks and change the pin tumblers inside that and cut new keys so that your old keys no longer work. And you have a new set of keys that just you have. It typically takes 10-15 minutes per lock set to re-key. Please plan time accordingly.

Servicing Locks

Is your lock a little loose? or Sticking? Sometimes older locks just need a little bit of lubrication and tightening of screws and they are just fine. We can service existing door knobs, levers, deadbolts, door closures, exit devices and more. If your locks are worn too much we may recommend replacing them for better functioning and security.

Business Security Inspection

Ever wonder how secure your business is? We can provide a business security inspection for you to show where you can make improvements. This typically takes a 30 minutes, but here are some of the basics:

– exterioir doors should have a lever and a deadbolt, or exit device and door closure
– windows should have a window lock
– aluminum store front doors should have top and bottom vertical rods

Note, per fire regulations you need to have egress in your building. Egress is where any customer can exit the building safely without a key in case of an emergency.

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