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Have you ever called a locksmith to get a duplicate key for your vehicle and they say “sorry, we can’t do that you have to go to the dealer”? Or this is a dealer only key? Well this is very common, because it requires tools, technologies and advanced competencies in automotive, to make keys for a lot of higher end vehicles.

We have made the investment it tools, technologies and training to now start offer our clients keys for their vehicles.

Some of the following common vehicles that need we can generate keys for are:

Make Model Years
BMW 3 Series 1996-2011
5 Series 1995-2011
7 Series 1995-2002
X3 2004-2010
X5 1999-2011
Z3 1996-2011
Z4 2002+
Z8 2005-2011
Motorcycles All
Land Rover Discovery II Ask
Freelander 2002-2006
Range Rover 2002-2007
Mini Cooper 2001-2006

Mercedes Benz

Model Chassis Type Model Year Add Key Lost Key
A-Class W169 2004-2011 Yes Yes
B-Class W245 2005-2011 Yes No
C-Class W203 2003-2007 Yes Yes
CLK-Class W208 2001-2002 Yes Yes
CLK-Class W209 2003-2008 Yes Yes
C-Class W202 1997-2002 Yes Yes
C-Class W204 2007-2011 Yes No
E-Class W210 2001-2002 Yes Yes
E-Class W211 2002-2007 Yes Yes
E-Class W212 2009-2010 Yes No
CLS-Class W219 2004-2009 Yes No
S-Class W220 2001-2005 Yes Yes
S-Class W221 2005-2011 Yes No
Cl W215 2001-2006 Yes Yes
Cl W216 2005-2011 Yes No
Sl R230 2001-2009 Yes No
SLK R171 2004-2009 Yes No
G-Class W463 2002-2011 Yes No
R-Class W251 2005-2010 Yes No
M-Class W164 2005-2010 Yes No
GL-Class X164 2006-2010 Yes No
Vito/Viano/Vaneo X639 2004-2012 Yes Yes
Sprinter W906 2005-2012 Yes Yes

There are many more vehicles that we can access. Click here for our Vehicle Specialty List. If other locksmiths tell you it can’t be done, call us to check at 541.632.3968 and we can more than likely get you a key made for you car.