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Have you tried all the aftermarket programming and still not be able to make a key to your car? Well we can help you with OEM software programming. OEM – original equipment manufacturer or dealer level programming is using the original vehicles manufacturers factory programming software to program keys and diagnois vehicles.

We have made the investment and built relationships with dealers and manufacturers to offer dealer level programming and diagnostics. OEM programming is typically a last resort to aftermarket programming as it costs more, but is is 100% guaranteed to be correct software. There is also a delay from vehicle releases to when aftermarket software is available, that’s when OEM programming comes in handy.

A little bit about how this works. We have a J2534 pass thru tool that connects to a computer. We then log in directly to the OEM/Dealers website and run their software through our computer and device to program you vehicle. Its pretty simple.

Here is a list of our OEM & Dealer level programming access:

Make Years
Acura 1990+
Audi 2000-2005
Chrysler 1996+
Dodge 1996+
Ford 1998+
Freightliner 1990+
GM* 1987+
Hino 1991+
Honda 1990+
Hyundai 1990+
Infiniti 1998+
International 1995+
Isuzu Truck 2001+
Jaguar 1988+
Jeep 1996+
Kia 1990+
Kenworth 1990+
Land Rover 2000+
Lexus 1990+
Lincoln 1998+
Mack 1992+
Mercury 1998+
Mitsubishi 1998+
Mitsubishi Truck 1991+
Nissan 1998+
Peterbilt 1990+
Plymouth 1996+
Toyota 1990+
Volkswagen 2000-2005
Volvo 1990+
Volvo Truck 1987+

If you have a newer car that is not accessible via the aftermarket to make keys or need OEM level programming or automotive diagnostics give us a call at 541.632.3968

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