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Are you looking for different hardware for your commercial building? This page covers the major different hardware colors, and units/components available.

Standard commercial hardware comes in a 626 Satin Chrome finish. Other colors can be special ordered. See pictures below and ANSI BHMA Complete Finish Chart.


Hardware Units & Functions
The main hardware components are levers, deadbolts, door closers, exit devices, padlocks, maglocks, aluminum storefront door mortise locks and builders hardware.

Lever Functions include:

  • Entry/Office – latch bolt operated by knob/lever from either side at all times
  • Classroom – deadlocking latch bolt operated by key in outside knob/lever or rotating inside knob. Inside knob is always unlocked.
  • Storeroom – deadlocking latch bolt operated by key in outside knob or rotating inside knob. Outside knob is always fixed.
  • Passage – latch bolt operated by knob from either side at all times.
  • Privacy – latch bolt operated by knob from either side. outside knob is locked by push button inside and unlocked by emergency release outside, rotating inside knob or closing door.
  • Institutional – both levers fixed. Entrance by key in either lever.

Deadbolt functions include:

  • Single cylinder – deadbolt thrown or retracted by key on the outside or by inside turn unit. Bolt automatically deadlocks when fully thrown.
  • Double cylinder – deadbolt thrown or retracted by key on either side. Bolt automatically dead locks when fully thrown.

Door Closures

We supply door closures ranging from 33-330 lbs of door weight. Please specific how heavy the door is. We can install the door closure in standard, top-jamb or parallel arm installations for best fit. Our door closures have opening, back check, delay, sweep and latch speed adjustments.

Exit Devices

We have exit devices with or without vertical rods for the following doors:

  • single exterior doors
  • single exit doors
  • pairs of doors with mullion
  • aluminum entrance doors
  • passage doors
  • pairs of hollow metal doors
  • cross-corridor pairs of doors
  • double egress applications
  • passage doors in hospitals

We can supply padlocks of all shapes, sizes, shacles and functions. These are case specific base. We can key them alike, different, match them to your door keys and much more.

Mag locks are magnetic holding locks at the top of doors that are electronically controlled. We can order and install them for specific uses.

Aluminum Store Front door Mortise Locks
Mortise locks are design and primarily used in aluminum store from doors. We supply a few different varieties, including the push/pull handles and levers.

Misc. Builders Hardware
In addition we can suppler other door hardware such as: push, pull, kick, scar, hole filler, aluminum frame filler and wrap around plates.

If you have any questions or comments about the types, performance, price and selection of commercial hardware give us a call at 541.632.3968 and we will get what you need.


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