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Having a hard time trying to get a duplicate key for your vvehicle? Its understandable, some vehicles are tough. We have invested in tools, technologies, relationships and experience to do some pretty cutting edge automotive key generation. We like to call these specialty vehicles as there is only 3-4 places, outside of dealers, where you can get these keys made in the entire state of Oregon, and we are one of them.

What more can I say, they are special, require more special insight and are fun to work with. Here is a small snapshot of the specialty vehicles we can work with:

Make Model Years
Can Am/Bombardier Ask Ask
Ducati Most Ask
Mercedes ML Class Ask
Piaggio Most Ask
Porsche 911 Turbo 1999-2012
Boxster 1997-2012
Cayenne Ask
Cayman 2005-2012
Saab 93 1999+
95 1998-2008
Smart ForTwo 2000-2013
Sprinter Sprinter 2006+
Subaru Crosstrek XV 2012+
Impreza 2012+
Volvo 30 All
40 All
50 All
70 All
80 All
C70 All
S40 All
S70 All
S60 All
S80 All
V70XC All
V40 All
V70 All
XC90 All

Click here for a full list of our vehicle specialty list. If your vehicle is not on this list, call us at 541.632.3968 to see if we can make keys for your special vehicle.


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