Home Buyer Tips: Don’t Forget the Locks!

Most home buyers feel a great deal of pride and satisfaction the moment the keys to their new home are presented to them. However, it’s essential for new home owners to understand that those keys may have been in the hands of the previous owners or tenants, as well as anyone else they entrusted with them during their stay. This brings about the question of whether or not to change the locks or simply to have them rekeyed. Either way, to protect the new home owners property and, it’s a good idea to do one or the other.

Considerations When Replacing Locks

Replacing locks is often recommended for owners who suspect the ones currently installed are compromised or are in poor condition. It’s also ideal for those who may want to upgrade to a more modern (i.e. more safe) residential door lock. However, changing all of the locks that give access to the home might become costly, depending on how many need to be replaced. Costs will also increase if deadbolts also need replacing or if owners want them installed for additional security.

Homeowners should also consider the time and complexity involved in replacing locks. The process can take some time and there is also the need to have a bit of knowledge concerning choosing the best door locks for their needs. When taking this route, consider the pros and cons of smart locks and electronic keypad locks in addition to traditional options. A reputable local locksmith can prove to be invaluable when making these decisions.

Residential Lock Rekeying

If the home’s locks seem secure and are satisfactory, then rekeying them may be a simpler and more affordable option. Rekeying traditional locks involves altering the tumbler so that it will only work with an updated key. This means that home owners will also have to have new keys molded and cut.

Those in need of smart lock rekeying may need to reprogram a keypad unit or alter the codes of swipe access cards. While these procedures sound rather simple, they are not the easiest feats to accomplish without a bit of experience and locksmithing know-how. As a side note, homeowners are advised to also give consideration to rekeying or recoding their electronic garage door openers at this time, as well.

The Importance of Calling a Professional

New homeowners should seriously consider calling a professional to replace or rekeying locks. Home security is a place where cutting corners or a DIY project gone wrong can not only jeopardize any valuables stored inside, but also the safety of a household. An experienced locksmith will have all of the right tools, skills, and know-how to help homeowners feel safe and secure in their new place. Additionally, new homeowners might want to get a home security inspection to make sure other aspects of the home’s security are up to snuff.