Recording & Storage

There are three main viewing and recall for video surveillance.

Live View

Live view is the most common and available on every system. Whether online, NVR or desktop it just displays the existing live video feed.

Video Clips

With service plans and video rules, users can designate certain events record 30 second clips of each event (duration of clip can me modified) to then store in the cloud. Then users can just view triggered event clips.

Local Hard Drive Storage

If you want 24/7 recording of all activity you will need a hard drive storage. There are integrated storage with NVR devices, that run the software for standalone systems and additional storage units for cloud based monitoring.

How Much Storage do I Need?

Depending on the duration of video coverage desired to 60 days, camera count, resolution and quality level of each camera (check out a camera’s purpose to learn more) combinations require a different amount of storage space.

We can calculate the estimate storage space desired based on the quality of image, and camera count.

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