Cellular Vs Wifi

One of the main choices when choosing alarm systems is whether to go with cellular vs wifi connected panels. There are trade offs with both.


Wifi connected systems are usually lower cost, DIY and may ot may not have monthly service fees for access. They are typically standalone vs integrated.

These pros can have a heavy offsite if you want more effective security. All a burglar needs to do is switch the breaker off on your home to cut power, or cut your internet connection before trying to enter. And then you wifi based system communication is cut from sending you or central station notifications and alarms.


Cellular alarm control panels have cellular modules built into with a dedicated line and a back up battery pack. These are usually more expensive and come with a monthly service fee. But they offer more protection because in the event of power or internet being cut, the alarm system still has full communication to send and communicate notifications and alarms to users and central stations.

Which One?

If you want an economical option, then wifi is ok. If you want true security then cellular is the way to go to protect from power and wifi failures.

We offer and install cellular based panels for a higher lever of security.

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