Annual Fire Door Inspections

In 2007 National Fire Protection Association passed legislation that requires every commercial building to have their fire doors inspected annually to make sure they are up to standards ito preventing fires spreading.

The ultimate reason to have fire doors to prevent unnecessary deaths because spreading of the fire in a building and/or the ability for people to egress with ease in the event of an emergency.

Fire doors are part of a passive system with your walls to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from corridors or other rooms when present. A fire door opening system consist of the frame, door, hardware, seals and more. It is required to do the following actions:

  • single action egress – exit device
  • automatically latch post egress – door closer
  • stay latched during fire – lock mechanism
  • seal the gasp – fire gaskets

If the above systems are failing to operate, in the event of the fire it will either retain people inside the building and/or let the fire spread. An annual inspection reviews the fire door system and allows preventive maintenance to fix the safety of a door before the event of a fire.

Here at Locksmith Eugene Oregon, we have been trained to inspect Fire Doors. With our 16 point checklist, we cover all the critical elements required to pass your annual fire inspection. If there are any issues we can fix them too.

If you would like to schedule a time for your annual fire door inspection to have the documents on hand to meet the NFPA 80 and 101 Codes for you annual fire inspection contact us at 541.632.3968.




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