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Have you ever wondered the types, grades and options available for your home locks? Well here is informatoin about the usage specifications, functions, brands, colors and specific locks to be aware of. Please read through this information for disucssion and selection when contacting us.

Grade 3 and Usage Specifications
There are three grades of locks, Grade 3 is the residential grade. Refer to Commercial Hardware for Grade 1 & 2. The specifications cycle tests, strength tests and finish tests.

Cycle Test – 200,000 for doorknobs and levers and 100,000 for deadbolts

Strentgh Test – are 225 lbf-in (25 Nm)

Finish Test (Against salt spray) – 96 hours

Functions are how the lock is built and used in relationship to keys and locking.

Doorknob & Lever Functions include:

  • Entry/Office – latch bolt operated by knob/lever from either side at all times
  • Classroom – deadlocking latchbolt operated by key in outside knob/lever or rotating inside knob. Inside knob is always unlocked.
  • Storeroom – deadlocking latch bolt operated by key in outside knob or rotating inside knob. Outside knob is always fixed.
  • Passage – latch bolt operated by knob from either side at all times.
  • Privacy – latch bolt operated by knob from either side. outside knob is locked by push button inside and unlocked by emergency release outside, rotating inside knob or closing door.

Deadbolt functions include:

  • Single cylinder – deadbolt thrown or retracted by key on the outside or by inside turn unit. Bolt automatically deadlocks when fully thrown.
  • Double cylinder – deadbolt thrown or retracted by key on either side. Bolt automatically deadlocks when fully thrown.

Brands & Private Label

The most common residential hardware is Kwikset and Schlage. We can supply the branded products and/or we also supply private label locks. Private labeled locks are the same locks just under a different name and are typically more economical because they do not carry the brand name.


Here is a picture of the most common hardware colors and their codes. ANSI BHMA Complete Finish Chart. The standard residential finish is a 605.


Specific Locks

There are two types of residential locks that we want to address specifically, those are the Kwikset Smart Key Lock and the Schlage + Lock. See images for identification. The Kwisket Smart key has a slot next to the lock and the Schlage Plus has a + symbol above the keyway.


These locks are new locks that allow the user, you, the consumer to rekey the locks yourself. Then you don’t need us the locksmith. Which is great, except, if you ever loose your keys, or lock them in the house there is no way to effectively bypass or open these locks and maintain there security. That is, we must break and damage the lock and then replace it with a standard pin tumble lock. It costs more for you and us to work on them if you ever need them service, opend or changed.

As these are becoming more frequent, this is our written warning for when we have to come out and open your lock and damage it.

Ordering & Selection
We work with two of the larget lock distributors in the US and can order almost any combination or selection of locks that you can think of. Just let us know what you are looking for.

If you would like to order residential hardware contact us.

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