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Provide us with your VIN # and we can cut you a mechanical key.

**This WILL NOT WORK with vehicles that have immobilizer systems with transponder keys that have to be electronically married to the car in order to work.**

We would need the vehicle for programming. This is only for mechanical keys.

We have relationships with dealerships to pull key codes from vehicle identification numbers (VIN) in order to make a key.

We require a valid drivers license and proof of ownership such as registration or title in order to use this service.

We can also ship keys cut by VIN to you.

How do I find my VIN #?
Your VIN # can/may be found on the:

– title
– registration
– insurance
– dashboard of the driver side (view from outside)
– drivers side door jamb (looks like a sticker)
– engine block
– vehicle frame
– rear wheel well
– underneath the spare tire

The VIN # containes 17 characters of letters and numbers. See example picture(s) below.

Dashboard VIN #


Door VIN #


Frame VIN #


Call us now to  see if your vehicle key can be cut by VIN # at 541-632-3968

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