Wireless Access Control Systems

Wireless access control locks integrate on existing wifi networks. They are great to use in hard to run wired locations . These can be standalone systems or integrate into other systems with software applications. These are most commonly used on interior doors of complexes. As commercial grade wireless locks they integrate with exit devices and mortise locks.

Features Table

Key Features & FunctionsWireless
User QuantityMedium to High
User UpdatesPulsed
Audit TrailsPulsed
Door Position SensorsYes
Lock DownsDelayed
Credential Options
Mechanical Keysx
Buttons / Key Padx
Proximity Cardsx
Site Needs
Local NetworkOptional

Wireless System Pro’s

  • Less wired infrastructure needed, means lower installation costs.
  • Has user schedules and audit trails.
  • Communication with lock pulses on set interval for updates with central system.
  • Multiple credentials options.
  • Integrates into other access control systems using software platform.
  • Monitors door position.
  • Allows lockdowns.

Wireless System Con’s

  • Battery operated locks need replacing about every two years.
  • Update are not immediate, but pulsed.
  • Relies on existing wifi infrastructure for updates to work.

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