Online Traditional Access control Systems

The traditional online access control system is where every door opening is hardwired to the network. This system provide real time updates on user codes, schedules, audit trails, door positions and lockdowns to every lock and access opening.

Online system are for the exterior, main entrances and high-security locations in the building because they provide the most security and updates for monitoring immediately.

Features Table

Key Features & FunctionsOnline
User QuantityMedium to High
User UpdatesReal Time
Audit TrailsReal Time
Door Position SensorsYes
Lock DownsYes
Credential Options
Mechanical Keysx
Buttons / Key Padx
Proximity Cardsx
Site Needs
Local NetworkYes

Online System Pro’s

  • Hardwired – Most reliable connection.
  • All the features and functions.
  • User access, schedules and audit trails are real time.
  • Allow door position sensor monitoring.
  • Allow Lockdowns. For examples, during school emergencies.

Online System Con’s

  • Some locations are difficult to hard wire.
  • Most expensive system type to install on the spectrum.

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