Video Analytics

In addition to general surveillance, and pixels on target goal for each camera there is video analytics for cameras and software to help analyze what is going on. The analytics can reside on each camera of on the operating software. There are several difference types of analytic features available.

Object Identification

The most common analytics is object identification decipher between a person, vehicle or animal.

Line Detection

Line detection tracks whether an object crosses the a line you draw on the camera view. You can record going in one direction or the other or both. This is often used in driveways for vehicle.

Loitering Zones

On the camera view users can draw custom zones over areas. Zones can be used to monitor is someone is staying to long in an area they are not suppose to be – homeless person digging through trash for example. Or than can be used to monitor containment, like a children play area, if the kids go farther away then where they are suppose to.

People Counting

A simple head count of who is passing through this camera view.

PTZ Smart Tracking

With the right camera, the camera can lock onto a moving vehicle and follow it through a specific area tracking its full movement.

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