Providing Quotes for free?

Recently there has been some confusion about surveys, quotes and taking care of customs needs. I figured it would be appropriate to publicize and lay out our guide lines for providing quotes and surveys. We hope that this will make it clear for both our customers, and ourselves in building better relationships.

The main topic of the post is for clarifying when quotes or surveys are free and when they are not. Here is a short list and I will go in depth lower.

Quotes are free:

  • Over the phone
  • Email or chat
  • with specifications sheets for the job

Quotes are not free:

  • when you want us to come to the site and help you figure out what you need


Over the phone

We quote jobs over the phone everyday. We ask a lot of questions to best understand your situation so we can quote you accurately. Work with us over the phone and it helps us better serve you.

Email or Chat

We have customers email or chat us for quotes weekly. Again we ask a lot of questions to better understand what you need to help. Note, that emails are checked once or twice a day. If you need a quote sooner call 541.632.3968.

Specifications Sheets

In Oregon any job that is over $1,500 is technically required to have a specification sheet laying out the details of the job, hardware etc. Albeit many jobs do not provide a specification sheet therefore we have no problem assisting you over the phone or internet to help you build one.  A specification sheet is helpful because if you are getting multiple quotes it allows everyone to compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges and bid appropriately. It also minimizes our time to help you figure out what you need, which we charge for in the field.  We do accept non numerical quotes from other competing companies covering the items and hardware to quote the same items.

In field Quotes and Surveys

If you want us to come to your site, survey what you have and help you figure out what you need we can do that. But we charge for our time to do that. We not only have out trip time, our labor time and research time but more importantly our opportunity time cost of assisting other customers who want us to take care of them.

Note, we do not bill upfront if we are finalizing a phone or email quote, or are continuing to do the job you have called us for. The service call and labor is included in the jobs we provide.

If you are uncertain of whether a quote is free or if there will be a charge please ask over the phone. If you call and ask us to come over to help you figure out what you need and take care of your needs, we will do just that and charge for it.

We hope this posts helps clarify when and where quotes and surveys are free and when you will be charged.