Offline Access Control Systems

Offline access control systems are battery powered standalone devices that requires a PC, PDA or other hand held devices to update each lock that provide most access control features. They avoid the cost of network connection installation but come at the cost of having to physically update each lock at its location. These are used at locations with less than 20 doors. Offline system was an early generation of providing the access control features in remote non wired access points. With the increase in technology, these systems are less common because of the ease of integration and communication that now exists.

Features Table

Key Features & FunctionsOffline
User QuantityLow to Medium
User UpdatesIndependent device
Audit TrailsDelayed
Door Position SensorsNo
Lock DownsNo
Credential Options
Mechanical Keysx
Buttons / Key Padx
Proximity Cardsx
Site Needs
Local NetworkNo

Offline System Pro’s

  • No hardwire infrastructure.
  • No internet or connectivity required.
  • Varying Credentials – Pin codes, RFID Fobs & Proximity Cards.
  • Has audit trails and schedules.

Offline System Con’s

  • Battery Powered. Average life for two years.
  • Need to update each lock individually with the independent device. This can be burdensome with too many doors.
  • No software integration.
  • Not as user friendly as connected systems.

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