Did You Lock Your Keys in Your Mercedes or BMW Trunk?

Were you unloading groceries and/or packing, then set your keys in your trunk and have the lid close? Don’t worry we did two in the last seven days, a 99 Mercedes Kompressor and 08 Mercedes C Class so you are not alone.

We can get your keys out. Even if it is a high security BMW or Mercedes with a deadlocked truck. Here is how:

First Option – Conventional Opening

The first and easier way is to come out and open the cab of your car. This works if you have either (a) a manual inside trunk release or (b) the back seats fold down from the inside.

If you have an electronic trunk release that gets locked down  when the alarm sounds or the back seats fold down from the inside of the truck such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and more. Then we move to step two.

Second Option – Bypass Method

On most Mercedes, BMW’s, Audi’s & Volkswagen’s there is a bypass method that de activates the alarm and unlocks the trunk. For security reasons we cannot show or explain to you how to do this.

Third Option – Make a Mechanical Door Key

The third option is to make a mechanical emergency key to unlock your trunk. This is the case for most Mercedes and BMW when the smart keys have set the alarm before being locked in the trunk. Yes, you do have an emergency key hiding inside your smart key or proximity box with a hidden mechanical lock on your trunk – for this very occasion.

Making a mechanical key takes about 30 minutes. Here are some shots from the last episodes.

mercedes hidden trunk lock
Mercedes hidden trunk lock under the lip in the upper left hand corner.
mercedes high security door lock
A dissembled Mercedes high security door lock.
cutting mercedes high security key
The 3D Xtreme cutting a Mercedes high security key.


Will a Used Prox or Smart Key Work or Not?

Customers bring us and ask whether the more economical used proximity box or smart key they find online will work or not.

Even though it is the correct part, the issues come during programming because certain manufacturers products, once married to a particular car, cannot be re-married to another car, where others can.

Here is the short list of when and where used proximity boxes and smart keys will work and when they will not:

Manufacturer Used Need New OEM
Acura/Honda Yes No
Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge Yes No
Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Yes No
GM/Buick/Cad/Chevy/Olds/Pontiac No Yes
Hyundai/Kia No Yes
Nissan/Infinity Yes 2013+
Mazda Yes No
Toyota/Lexus Maybe Yes