Standalone Keypad Systems

Standalone keypad systems can be battery operated electronic locks or mechanical driven – both use numerical pin codes only and sometimes a mechanical key override. Generally, these are best for low user quantities with infrequent user code changes and have slightly different fits.

Electronic Pin Code Locks

Standalone electronic pin code locks are mostly used in home main entrance and exterior doors. They provide keyless convenience for users. They allow end users to provide cleaners, construction crews, baby sitters unique codes to restrict and control there access with the ability to easily change the code at each lock. For commercial use, these are usually found on public bathroom spaces or doors were they just want to keep the public out of.

With connection hubs, some of these locks can communicate via wifi or cellular to a mobile/online device for ease in changing user codes and implementing schedules.

Features Table

Key Features & FunctionsKeypad
User QuantityLow
User UpdatesAt lock or w/application
Scheduleswith application
Audit Trailswith application
Door Position SensorsNo
Lock DownsNo
Credential Options
Mechanical Keysx
Buttons / Key Padx
Proximity Cards
Site Needs
Local NetworkNo

Electronic Pin Code Pros

  • Easy to install, requires little to no door modification.
  • Easy to program at the lock.
  • Basic user management.
  • Can be used in none connected locations.
  • Some can be connected to online systems.

Electronic Pin Code Cons

  • Requires Batteries, need replacing on average every two years.
  • Pin codes can be shared and management can not distinguish between who is using the pin codes.
  • Can be cumbersome to program all the locks at different locations.
  • If placed in sun, electronics can over heat and shut down during the summer.
  • Minimal software features and functions when connected.
  • No door positions sensors to confirm whether the door is open or closed, even if it shows locked.

Mechanical Pin Code Locks

Mechanical pin codes locks are best used in locations with infrequent use and low user locations where access to change codes and replace batteries is cumbersome. Mechanical pin code locks can only have one user code at a time. For example, utility, celluar, power and water stations that are placed throughout the country sides for service by technicians.

Mechanical Pin Code Locks Pros

  • No batteries.
  • No electronics to fail.
  • More durable in vast weather conditions.
  • No need for any communication infrastructure.

Mechanical Pin Code Lock Cons

  • Only one code can work at a time.
  • Code can be shared with other people.
  • Minimal Pin Codes Possibility.
  • Have to change each pin code manually at each lock location.
  • No remote communication on locks status.
  • No audit trails, schedules or multiple user codes.
  • No lockdowns.

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