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Do you have a closed transponder security system? And have you lost your keys? I am sorry if this is the case.

There are only two ways to get new keys: either replace or re-flash your engine control module (ECU).

In order to replace your ECU you will need to tow it to the dealer during business hours and have them replace it.

Or you can have us come out remove your ECU and re-flash it.

*Note, it is possible to order an ECU and replace it yourself. You need to verify it is in a clear or “virgin” state for programming. If we do not provide the new ECU we cannot guarantee it will work for you.

Here is a list of all the make and models that require an ECU re-flash:

NSX 97-05
RL 96-05

Prelude 97-02

ES300 98-03
ES330 04-06
GS300 98-03
GS400 98-00
GS430 01-03
GX470 03-04
IS300 01-03
LS400 97-00
LS430 01-04
LX470 98-05
RX300 98-03
RX 330 04-06
SC430 02-06

4 Runner 98-06
Avalon 98-04
Camry 98-06
Corolla 05-06
Highlander 01-06
Land Cruiser 98-06
Matrix 05-06
MR2 00-05
Prius 01-06
Rav 4 02-07
Sequoia 01-06
Sienna 98-06
Solara 98-06
Tacoma 05-07

Click here for our Vehicle Specialty List. If you vehicle is not on the list, call us anyways to see if we can do it, we probably can.

If you need to have your ECU re-flashed call us at 541.632.3968.


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