Intelligent Keys Access Control Systems

Intelligent Key Solutions retrofit into existing hardware without needing wiring or door modification for cost-effective access control systems. The keys are battery powered and carry the user data and schedules and can set to expire for regular check-in of users. This system is great for a low quantity of users with a high quantity of locks needing access control.

Features Table

Key Features & FunctionsOffline
User QuantityLow to Medium
User UpdatesCentralized
Audit TrailsDelayed
Door Position SensorsNo
Lock DownsNo
Credential Options
Mechanical Keys & Intelligent Keysx
Buttons / Key Pad
Proximity Cards
Site Needs
Local NetworkOptional

Intelligent Key Pro’s

  • Economical solution to upgrade existing mechanical only systems.
  • Allows blue tooth updates via mobile phones.
  • No wiring or door modification required.
  • Keys are rechargeable.
  • Keys can be turned off when not returned.
  • Provides schedules, audit trails and user control.

Intelligent Key Con’s

  • Keys do need to be charged.
  • Audit trails are delayed.
  • Locks are not real time updated.
  • No door position sensors.
  • No lock downs.

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