Touch Free Bluetooth Credential Reader

No Contact Touch Free Openings

With Covid-19 are you looking for ways to minimize the virus spreading in your facility? One solution is to create touchless openings. Touch free openings eliminate the need for people to grab door handles and levers, while the door automatically opens. There are three primary features to add to the opening to make it touchless.

Touch Free Credential Readers

The first addition is to add an access control system with touchless blue tooth credential readers. The Bluetooth readers work off the user’s mobile phone. When the user is within proximity to the door they just wave their hand over the reader, signaling intention to open the door. Then the access control system unlocks the door.  This eliminates physical credentials and touching a shared reader point.

Touch Free Bluetooth Credential Reader

Auto Operator

The second addition to the door is to add an auto operator. Once the user’s hand has waved to open the door the door automatically unlocks, is mechanically opened and closed after a period of time to let the use walk through the opening. An auto operator eliminates the need for the user to physically touch the door handle or lever and push or pull the door open.

ADA Auto Operator

Touchless Request to Exit

The third addition to the opening is a touchless request to exit on the inside of the door. This is a pad placed where the use waves their hand over the pad and the door automatically unlocks, opens and closes for the user to walk through. Eliminating the need to touch the door handles when existing.

Touchless Wave to Open Request to Exit Sensor

While any of the three additions can by done by themselves to existing doors to eliminate some physical contact when using the door, adding all three components to the opening provides a true touch free no contact door opening solution.

If you would like to schedule a free onsite estimate for upgrading your existing doors to a no contact -touch-free opening solution contact Simon at or 541.600.4799.

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