Three team members make up Locksmith Eugene Oregon.


Simon grew up in the locksmith industry and started when he was five years old. At 18 he started Locksmith Eugene Oregon. He specializes in advanced automotive key generation, electrical diagnostics, access control and safes. He enjoys doing all the odd ball security jobs know one else wants to do.

Always happy to help get jobs done. In his free time, he enjoys exercising, reading and investing.


Charm joined Locksmith Eugene Oregon in 2016 after immigrating from the Philippines. She specializes in emergency jobs, homes and automotive work. Always nice and caring to customers as a soft voice in the industry.

She enjoys traveling and eating. You will often find her happy tail wagging co-pilot Kena with her, available for a stress-reducing petting session.


Lars joined Locksmith Eugene Oregon in 2019. He specializes in business development and commercial work.

Lars has spent equal parts of his life in NY,  CA, and OR.   Eugene is home to Lars. Everything that attracted him to Eugene is still valid. It’s a great place to raise a family.   Nature is in your backyard. The cultural mindset is open and progressive.   

Lars has been in sales his whole career. Locksmithing is a natural extension of his work as helping people and solving problems is what he loves. When not at work you can find Lars on his yoga mat or hiking his two golden retrievers.

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