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Automotive Lockouts

Automotive Lockouts are a simple and easy job for a locksmith. An automotive lockout typically takes less than 5 minutes for the majority of vehicles. It usual takes us longer write the receipt than open your car. Note, BMW and Mercedes are the exception. There are the two most secure vehicles, especially if your locked your keys in the truck. Don’t fret, we can still get you in – its just a challenge 🙂

Automotive Key Generation

An automotive key generation can very significantly vehicle to vehicle. Knowing the year make and model is the most important piece of information. Other information we like to know is whether one key worked the whole car or not. Typically there are four types/parts of automotive keys that we generate: (1) mechanical, (2) VATS, (3) High Security and (4) Transponders.

Mechanical keys are the metal (brass) component of the key that interacts with the door and ignition’ wafer making the lock turn physically. Mechanical keys are cut on the edges of the blade like your average house key.

High Security keys, typically known as 2-track, 4-track or Tibby keys are cut on the face of the blade. They are grooved and require special machinery to cut.

A VATS key is a key with a resistor chip in it. They are single and double sided GM keys with resistors ranging from 1-15.

A transponder key has a chip or RFID tag in it that the engine control module reads. The chip has to be programmed into your vehicle to match. An unregistered chip code will be denied and the vehicle will not start.

Most newer model cars have a mixture of the features. Therefore depending on the mixture of security features with your vehicle the time and cost to generate new keys vary significantly.

Click here for our Automotive Key Guide to find your vehicle.

Duplicate Keys

Depending on the above, duplicate keys are easy. We prefer to have both the key and vehicle with us to make sure everything works perfectly. The cost of duplicates can vary significantly.

Automotive Key Removal

Automotive Key Removals can vary significantly based on the type of lock, type of key and the amount of the key broken off.

High security locks are typically more difficult to remove keys from than standard locks. Door and trunk locks are typically easier than ignitions locks. The right key broken off is much easier than the wrong key for the vehicle jammed in and broken off. A larger piece that is broken off is generally easier than a smaller tip pieace of the key.

PLEASE do not attempt to remove the broken piece! Customer normally od more harm than good, making it more difficult for us as a locksmith to help you.

Automotive Lock Re-keys

Most vehicles, car, door and ignitions locks can be re-keyed. We only recommend re-keying your vehicle if someone else has a key who knows you and will attempt to steal your vehicle.

If your vehicle is equipped with a transponder there is a half step we can take of removing the existing keys and program in new one. Although your doors will still be accessible to the old key, but the be able to start the vehicle.

If we are going to re-key your vehicle we prefer for you to leave the vehicle for at least a half day for our technicians to work.

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