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Full home security systems consists of integrating mechanical door locks, keypad locks, smart alarm systems,  and security cameras all on one platform for remote monitoring and management.

Let’s take a typical new home purchase of a three-door house with a garage to go through examples of what a home security system looks like.

Step 1 – New Hardware & Rekeying Existing Mechanical Security

We would make sure eveyr exterior door and garage doors have both a deadbolt and doorknob installed. Existing deadbolts and doorknobs would be rekeyed to match a single key.

Step 2 – Adding Keypad and Keyless Locks

Smart Lever set
Smart Lever set

For the main entry door, we would install an electronic compatible keypad deadbolt and keypad lever set to eliminate the use of need keys to get in and out of your home.

We would install the leverset so that the door will always lock when you close it on a daily basis. And the deadbolt for added security when you are gone for long periods of time.

Adding a pin code lock gives the homeowner the ability to provide cleaners, contractors, and guests temporary access to the home without compromising the mechanical keyed security. It would allow you to change the pin code once completed, or on a regular schedule to ensure no one retains access.

Step 3 – Smart Alarm Security System

The next step of adding remote web and mobile phone application management through installing a control panel with a cellular module and internal battery backup.

Our control panels are superior to wifi based home security systems because (a) in the event power is lost to your home, our system will still work, and (b) in the event internet connection is lost or down all of your home security communication and notifications will remain online with the cellular module. Just think of how easy it is to cut power, and boom your whole home security system is down with no notifications to you? That is why the lower cost alternatives are less effective in actually providing security.

The first benefit of remote communication is now the keypad deadbolt and leverset we installed in step two are connected to your panel and you have communication remotely. This allows you to lock and unlock the locks remotely, add or delete pin codes, and see the user unlock and lock time-stamped history.

Now with the panel in place we can easily add door and window

Smart Alarm Wireless Door Sensor
Smart Alarm Wireless Door Sensor

sensors; one to the front door, garage door and back door. Then any to windows if desired. This will notify if the doors are open or closed. This is important because if you only have the locks, but fail to close the door before you leave, they can still lock and look like the home is secured but you would not know until you return home.

Lastly, under the smart alarm system, we would add two motion sensors in the main entry, hallway and/or garage access. This prevents, in the even they came through a window (not on a sensor) or car garage door when they move around the motion sensors will trigger.

Having the cellular panel connected to your phone instantly provides notification of an alarm being triggered and not deactivate, along with notifying central station monitoring if you choose.

Step 4 – Door Bell and Security Cameras

The final step in installing a through home security system is a video doorbell and security cameras.

Smart Door Bell Camera
Smart Door Bell Camera

The video doorbell is useful for seeing who is knocking remotely. This is great for Fedex and other deliveries, where you can identify them and open up your front door for the package, see them leave and re-secure your home without giving up access credentials.

On the exterior perimeter, we would install one to four outside cameras to cover the two exterior doors, car garage door and a side of the house that is not monitored.  This gives you the ability to observe activity outside and around your home, in the event someone is trying to enter, or does so forcefully.

We would make all the cameras online where you can review them remotely on your mobile application for live video.  Then install a DVR for recording in a safe.

Adding a DVR gives you the video history, in the event you left on vacation, and the attack happened just after you left and is several days old.

Complete Home Security

Anyone of the above four security systems can be bypassed within a few minutes if you know what you are doing, but it is extremely difficult to bypass all four systems quickly and easily. With all four in place, you have the highest security to prevent any unwanted intruders, scare them aware with an alarm if they do get it, and catch all of it on video to boot.

The best part is we can do one step at a time to slowly upgrade to your complete home security system.

With compatible hardware, we can integrate a complete home security system with mechanical locks, keypad locks, smart alarm monitoring and video surveillance systems all under one mobile application platform for easy management.

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