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Did you loose your keyless entry remote or key fob? Or would you just like to have a spare one?

We supply remotes and fob’s for almost all of the models and vehicles from 2000 and newer.

We need the year make and model of your vehicle to find the correct remote. Please be ready to provide this informatoin when talking to a technician.

Aftermarket or OEM?
You can select from either an aftermarket remote of an OEM remote. Typically the aftermarket is more economical than the OEM remote. They also will look and have a different button configuration.

OEM – New or Refurbished?
You can buy OEM remotes as new or refurbished. New remotes have a 6 month warranty and refurbished remotes have a 3 month warranty.

All new remotes have a 6 month warranty. Refurbished remotes or fobs have a 3 month warranty.

Is your remote or fob getting weaker? We also carry and can order a new replacement battery. Please provide the year, make and model and remote part number for a replacement battery.

Programming is included in the cost of our remotes. Programming typically takes less than 10 minutes to complete. We need the vehicle and remotes together.

To see if we have a remote in stock or to order one, call 541.632.3968, email or chat us below. If we have to order the remote or fob it usually takes 3-5 days.


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