Smart Alarm Security Systems

Full security systems comprise three circles of protection, physical locks, alarm sensors, and video surveillance.Complete Security Systems

The most common is physical security with door locks. The second most common are smart alarm systems.

Smart Alarm Security Systems consists of wireless door, window and motion sensors connected to a central control panel in the building.

The control panel communicates remotely via a cellular module to the internet and mobile applications for alarming, disarming, notifications, history, controlling devices and self-monitoring. Third party central stations are available for monitoring.

Smart Alarm Security System Control Panel
Smart Alarm Security System Control Panel

With compatible hardware, the smart alarm system can integrate with residential and commercial access control doors and video surveillance all under one platform for easy management.

We service and install security systems to integrate your mechanical door locks, alarm sensors and video cameras under one platform.

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Some Questions and Answers needed for estimates:

  • How many doors?
  • How many windows?
  • How many internal points or walkways to be monitored for motion?
  • Glass break sensor?
  • Geo-Fencing? Automatic arm and disarming of the system?
  • Lighting control?
  • Heating, cooling and temperature controls?
  • Video Door Bell?

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