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Will a Used Prox or Smart Key Work or Not?

Customers bring us and ask whether the more economical used proximity box or smart key they find online will work or not.

Even though it is the correct part, the issues come during programming because certain manufacturers products, once married to a particular car, cannot be re-married to another car, where others can.

Here is the short list of when and where used proximity boxes and smart keys will work and when they will not:

Manufacturer Used Need New OEM
Acura/Honda Yes No
Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge Yes No
Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Yes No
GM/Buick/Cad/Chevy/Olds/Pontiac No Yes
Hyundai/Kia No Yes
Nissan/Infinity Yes 2013+
Mazda Yes No
Toyota/Lexus Maybe Yes