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Kryptonite Replaces Bike Lock and Covers Locksmith Service

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Often we have to remove bicycle locks for people who lost their keys or had a malfunction with the lock. The most common bicycle lock we remove is a Kryptonite U-lock. Last week, this specific lock had a problem with the key and we had to cut it off. Working with the customer, he checked and discovered that Kryptonite does warranty their bicycle locks for broken keys, or malfunctioning locks.

What this means for you and us, is that they will cover our, bill for coming out and removing your bicycle lock AND send you a new bicycle lock.

To say that again, our service for you will be reimbursed and you will get a new lock.

Here is the link to submit a damaged lock for reimbursement.

We just thought this was a top notch warranty service and wanted to share it with you!