Mercedes Benz Keys Now Available

We are pleased to announce our expanding ability to now program Mercedes Benz Keys!

mercedes benz key



$225 for a duplicate Mercedes Benz key cut and programmed into your vehicle.

We can also generate keys if you have lost all of your keys.

Here is a chart of the year, make, model and function we cover for Mercedes Benz:

Model Chassis Type Model Year Add Key Lost Key
A-Class W169 2004-2011 Yes Yes
B-Class W245 2005-2011 Yes No
C-Class W203 2003-2007 Yes Yes
CLK-Class W208 2001-2002 Yes Yes
CLK-Class W209 2003-2008 Yes Yes
C-Class W202 1997-2002 Yes Yes
C-Class W204 2007-2011 Yes No
E-Class W210 2001-2002 Yes Yes
E-Class W211 2002-2007 Yes Yes
E-Class W212 2009-2010 Yes No
CLS-Class W219 2004-2009 Yes No
S-Class W220 2001-2005 Yes Yes
S-Class W221 2005-2011 Yes No
Cl W215 2001-2006 Yes Yes
Cl W216 2005-2011 Yes No
Sl R230 2001-2009 Yes No
SLK R171 2004-2009 Yes No
G-Class W463 2002-2011 Yes No
R-Class W251 2005-2010 Yes No
M-Class W164 2005-2010 Yes No
GL-Class X164 2006-2010 Yes No
Vito/Viano/Vaneo X639 2004-2012 Yes Yes
Sprinter W906 2005-2012 Yes Yes

If you would like a Mercedes Benz key call 541.632.3968.

Volvo Keys, Remotes & Fobs Now Available

We are pleased to announced that we now have OEM access to program all makes, models and years of Volvo Keys!


volvo keys, remotes & fobs

Here are some general prices for OEM duplicate keys:

$160 for high security key cut and programmed into vehicle
$125 stand alone remote (must purchase key too)
$200 for remote smart keys programmed into vehicle
$280 Remote head flip keys programmed into vehicle


  • We will match or beat any local prices
  • These are estimates as the date of this post. Prices may change.
  • If you are purchasing multiple units simultaneously a significant programming discount will apply.

If you would like to get an additional key made for you Volvo call us at 541.632.3968 with the year, make and model.

P.s. if you have lost of all your keys we can come out and generate keys on site.

Broken Lexus & Honda Remote Head Key Shells

Do you have a Lexus or Honda remote head key that is cracking? Or has it already split in half near the blade? No worries, this is a very common problem and we can fix it!


The problem stems from the lack of plastic holding the brass mechanical blade that uses the turning force for your locks. This happens on remote head keys because the shells are more spread out in order to hold the remote circuit board.


What it looks like

Here are a few pictures of customers Lexus and Honda remote head keys shells that are either taped together or broken apart.

empty broken lexus remote head key shell
empty broken lexus remote head key shell


taped honda remote head key
taped honda remote head key

How we fix it

The fix for these is to provide a new key shell and cut it for you. then move over the remote and transponder chip components into the new shells. This takes less than 15 minutes.

broken lexus remote head key shell next to fixed new one 2
broken lexus remote head key shell next to fixed new one

We stock the lexus and honda remote shells so we can take care of you the same day. As of 7/15/15 you are looking at $60 to provide the shell, cut the key and transfer the components over.

If you need your Lexus or Honda remote head key shell fixed just give us a call at 541.632.3968.

Did You Lock Your Keys in Your Mercedes or BMW Trunk?

Were you unloading groceries and/or packing, then set your keys in your trunk and have the lid close? Don’t worry we did two in the last seven days, a 99 Mercedes Kompressor and 08 Mercedes C Class so you are not alone.

We can get your keys out. Even if it is a high security BMW or Mercedes with a deadlocked truck. Here is how:

First Option – Conventional Opening

The first and easier way is to come out and open the cab of your car. This works if you have either (a) a manual inside trunk release or (b) the back seats fold down from the inside.

If you have an electronic trunk release that gets locked down  when the alarm sounds or the back seats fold down from the inside of the truck such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and more. Then we move to step two.

Second Option – Bypass Method

On most Mercedes, BMW’s, Audi’s & Volkswagen’s there is a bypass method that de activates the alarm and unlocks the trunk. For security reasons we cannot show or explain to you how to do this.

Third Option – Make a Mechanical Door Key

The third option is to make a mechanical emergency key to unlock your trunk. This is the case for most Mercedes and BMW when the smart keys have set the alarm before being locked in the trunk. Yes, you do have an emergency key hiding inside your smart key or proximity box with a hidden mechanical lock on your trunk – for this very occasion.

Making a mechanical key takes about 30 minutes. Here are some shots from the last episodes.

mercedes hidden trunk lock
Mercedes hidden trunk lock under the lip in the upper left hand corner.
mercedes high security door lock
A dissembled Mercedes high security door lock.
cutting mercedes high security key
The 3D Xtreme cutting a Mercedes high security key.


Aluminum Storefront Door Security Reinforcement to Prevent Break-ins

Over the last couple of months there have been a series of aluminum store front break-ins at night. The person(s) has been using a crowbar to bend, break and move back the single point of latching to clear the frame on single and double aluminum store front doors on multiple businesses in Eugene. From our perspective as locksmiths it may be the same person, or it is at least a similar style of break in entry. But we will leave this to the police. to decide.

In this post, we are going to cover the standard aluminum store front door sets, the common points of securities, followed by different ways to increase your doors security and the package prices to do so.

Standard Aluminum Store Front Door Sets

An aluminum store front door has an aluminum outside frame with glass covering the majority of the inside panel. This is designed for retail spaces, for window shopping and a transparent welcoming attraction. This differs from a traditional solid core wood or metal door and the type of hardware and security needed.

The standard aluminum store front sets are (a) single doors and (b) double or a pair of doors. See pictures below. They can be built with 1 to 5 points of mechanical locking (not including  mag locks or other electronic security). A point of locking is where the active door engages with the door frame. Single doors typically are installed with one point of locking while a pair of doors have two points of locking.

aluminum store front door single edited


aluminum store front door pair

Basic Ways to Add Security

There are two basic ways to add mechanical security to aluminum store front doors. The first is by protecting the point(s) of locking with bolt guard and the second is by adding additional points of locking.

Bolt Guard

A bolt guard protects the exposed latch on an outward swinging door. It protects the latch in two ways, one is from a direct attack such as cutting the latch and the other is by spreading the distance of pressure available by the latch up and down on the door away from the latch from a prying attack. Here are two pictures of the bolt guard: one with the door closed and one where you see where the bolt is activated.

aluminum store front latch guardaluminum store front latch guard showing bolt protection














Vertical Rod(s) – Additional Points of Locking

Aluminum store front doors normally come with the swing bolt lock as the initial point of locking. The following additional point(s) of locking can be added:

Single Door

1) Swing Bolt Lock
2) Bottom Vertical Rod (engages into the floor)
3) Top Vertical Rod (engages into the top of the frame)

Total: three points of locking.

Here are pictures of a vertical bottom rod being activated (a top vertical rod is the same except it is on the top of the door and frame:

aluminum store front bottom bolt

Pair of Doors

1) Swing Bolt Lock
2) Bottom Vertical Rod (engages into the floor)
3) Top Vertical Rod (engages into the top of the frame)
4) Opposing Door Top Vertical Rod (engages into the top of the frame)
5) Opposing Door Bottom Surface Mounted Bolt (engages into the floor)

Total: five points of locking.

Here are pictures of the opposing top vertical rod activation and locking point; and the surface mounted bottom bolt.

aluminum store front opposing door vertical rod activation point



aluminum store front opposing door vertical rod activated

aluminum store front opposing door surface mount bottom bolt

Package Prices

If you are interested in increasing your aluminum store front door security here are the following prices and packages for businesses in the Eugene area.

Single Door(s)

1) Bolt Guard – $78
2) Bolt Guard + Bottom Vertical Rod – $148
3) Bolt Guard + Bottom Vertical Rod + Top Vertical Rod – $228

Pair of Door(s)

The above single door packages plus:

1) Opposing Door Top Vertical Rod – $ 114
2) Opposing Door Top Vertical Rod + Bottom Surface Mounted Bolt – $144

Note these price quotes are valid as of 1/3/15, prices may change. If you are interested in having us install an increase the security of aluminum store front doors call us at 541.632.3968.


5 Ways to Prevent Loosing Your Keys in the River

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During summer time, there is an increase in rafting and floating the Willamette and Mckenzie rivers. They are both beautiful and we would highly recommend it. But, we also have a lot of people loosing their car keys in the river. So here are a few different ways to prevent loosing your keys in the river.

1) The safest way is to not take your keys on the river. You can do the following:

a) Use a hide a key, or wire your key underneath your vehicle. Here is one from Lucky Line.


b) Leave you keys with someone who is staying on land and is available to meet you at the end with your keys.

c) An odd option, that we have seen, is lock your keys in the car and schedule a locksmith to come just open the car for you.

2) If you must take your keys on the river, make sure there are secured to a floating device and the raft.

a) Use a Key Buoy or float such as below from Luck Line. They cost about $5.


b) Use a water tight dry bag, with a clip for the raft. Sealine is a good brand.


If you are reading this article after the fact, and have lost your car keys in the river, give us a call at 541.632.3968 and well come out and make keys for you. Happy floating!

Identifying – Left Hand Vs Right Hand Doors

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Have you needed to identify the handing of a door before? This is common when ordering or looking at hardware that is not multi handed or field changable. Below we will walk you through the different handing options and how to identify which handing you need.

There are four types of door handings:

– Right Hand (RH)
– Left Hand (LH)
– Right Hand Reverse (RHR)
– Left Hand Reverse (LHR)

The easiest way to identify which handing your door has it to do the following:

(1) Standing / Viewing Position:
(a)Stand in front of the door, building or room as you are going to enter, or go inside the space. This should also be the keyed side, where you can put in a key.
(b) Stand where you can put in the key.

(2) Identification- Right or Left – Hinges
(a) Look at the location of the hinges. Are they are on your left side or right side?
(b)If the hinges are on your left side, it is a left handed door.
(c)If the hinges are on your right side, it is a right handed door.

(3) Standard or Reverse Handed – Push in or Pull Out
Following #1: make sure you are entering not exiting.

(a) If you push in the door as you enter, it is a standard swinging door.
(b) If you have to pull the door towards you to enter, it is a reverse swinging door.

Here is a diagram illustrating the above:

Image credit: Cal-Royal

If you need additional assistance in identifying the handing of your door, just call us at 541.632.3968.