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On board or with diagnostic equipment for vehicles.

Mercedes Benz Keys Now Available

We are pleased to announce our expanding ability to now program Mercedes Benz Keys!

mercedes benz key



$225 for a duplicate Mercedes Benz key cut and programmed into your vehicle.

We can also generate keys if you have lost all of your keys.

Here is a chart of the year, make, model and function we cover for Mercedes Benz:

Model Chassis Type Model Year Add Key Lost Key
A-Class W169 2004-2011 Yes Yes
B-Class W245 2005-2011 Yes No
C-Class W203 2003-2007 Yes Yes
CLK-Class W208 2001-2002 Yes Yes
CLK-Class W209 2003-2008 Yes Yes
C-Class W202 1997-2002 Yes Yes
C-Class W204 2007-2011 Yes No
E-Class W210 2001-2002 Yes Yes
E-Class W211 2002-2007 Yes Yes
E-Class W212 2009-2010 Yes No
CLS-Class W219 2004-2009 Yes No
S-Class W220 2001-2005 Yes Yes
S-Class W221 2005-2011 Yes No
Cl W215 2001-2006 Yes Yes
Cl W216 2005-2011 Yes No
Sl R230 2001-2009 Yes No
SLK R171 2004-2009 Yes No
G-Class W463 2002-2011 Yes No
R-Class W251 2005-2010 Yes No
M-Class W164 2005-2010 Yes No
GL-Class X164 2006-2010 Yes No
Vito/Viano/Vaneo X639 2004-2012 Yes Yes
Sprinter W906 2005-2012 Yes Yes

If you would like a Mercedes Benz key call 541.632.3968.

Volvo Keys, Remotes & Fobs Now Available

We are pleased to announced that we now have OEM access to program all makes, models and years of Volvo Keys!


volvo keys, remotes & fobs

Here are some general prices for OEM duplicate keys:

$160 for high security key cut and programmed into vehicle
$125 stand alone remote (must purchase key too)
$200 for remote smart keys programmed into vehicle
$280 Remote head flip keys programmed into vehicle


  • We will match or beat any local prices
  • These are estimates as the date of this post. Prices may change.
  • If you are purchasing multiple units simultaneously a significant programming discount will apply.

If you would like to get an additional key made for you Volvo call us at 541.632.3968 with the year, make and model.

P.s. if you have lost of all your keys we can come out and generate keys on site.

Warning: After Market Radios can effect Key Programming

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This weeks blog post is about an issue we run into occasionally in the field when programming vehicles – after market radios.

The Short:
after market radios can effect your vehicles key programming capabilities because it interferes with the immobilizer.

avoid after market radio’s or at least know you may have difficulty programming your keys and it may cost you more to do so.

The Deep:
We had a 2003 Volkswagon Beetle that needed an additional key programmed. When we connected our programmers to the system, it was not able to pull and read the pin code.

[Side note, a pin code is an additional security code required for accessing the programming of the immobilizer. The pin code is not kept on record at the dealer so each one has to be pulled from the vehicle itself.]

We ran some diagnostics, researched and discovered that the aftermarket radio when installed spliced into on of the power wires for the immobilizer box. This causes interference with pulling pin codes and programming.

The primary way around this it to remove and disconnect the aftermarket radio so that it is no longer interfering with the immobilizer wire.

We have seen this with Volkswagen and GM’s. Note this is not the case for every vehicle, just a caution and a note to be concerned about how aftermarket radios may effect the rest of your vehicle in relation to the keys, programming and security.